Riverview Alumni Association (RAA)        Minutes – 2012-09-25

In Attendance:

               Bob Symenuk, Linda Symenuk, Sheila Timoruski, Vic Bruce, Jan Radwanski, Terry Wallace

Old Business:

               Moved Vic Bruce, seconded Linda Symenuk, that the minutes of the June 07, 2012, RAA meeting be accepted as submitted. Carried.

 RAA Website:  Terry Wallace reported that web-site setup for one year was costed at approximately $225. The site is up and running with a new update expected in early October. As there is no counter for site access, it is difficult to know the numbers of site visits. However, several individuals have indicated that they have been to the site. See further information under New Business.

New Business:

Corporations Requirements:

                                All new Directors and Officers are requested to sign the declarations to waive requirements for an audit and to verify the appropriate Directors and Officers for the Association. Terry Wallace will acquire all signatures and return the forms to George Patterson, Legal Counsel, for submission to the Corporations Branch.

                               Moved Jan Radwanski, seconded Sheila Timoruski, that the 2011-12 financial report be accepted subject to clarification of the location of all current financial assets (appx $13,000). Carried. Note: All current RAA assets are in a community savings account at BMO in Moose Jaw.

RAA Website

                               A discussion followed regarding the best use of the web-site.

                               The salient points are:

                               All members indicated that they had no problem with their names being on the web-site along with current RAA positions. However, no contact information will be provided other than through the web-site manager.

                               Terry will check to see the cost factor involved in a web-site counter to track site visits. If it is only temporary and not too expensive, an attempt may be made to install a counter on a temporary basis.

                               Facebook and Twitter links have not yet been established. This remains to be a future endeavour as someone will have to look after those links. All members present indicated that they will inform all appropriate targets about our web-site on both Facebook and Twitter.

                               Our group needs to tell people to list their alumni events on-line and to access this through the web-site. Terry will contact RVCI to see if we can post an alumni sign in the office to advertise our web-site. Concurrently, he will check to see if Kelly Grass is able to have some of his students develop and install this sign at no cost to RAA.

                               Terry is willing to establish a database of names, e-mail addresses, and years of interest. When new alumni information is submitted, this data would be forwarded to appropriate individuals in the database. Privacy rules would be in place.

                               Local media will be contacted to provide ‘free’ information to indicate that RAA is trying to establish a database and to provide the appropriate contact information.

                               The site needs a Gary Hyland Foundation link established.

                               A discussion ensued that involved incorporating advertising into our web-site to pay for future years rather than depleting our current resources.

                               Moved Terry Wallace, seconded Vic Bruce, that we permit advertising on our home page at a cost of $30 per year per link. Carried.

                               Terry will install a business logo on the next web update so individuals can see how this will work. The RAA executive committee will need to establish some boundaries on what type of advertising we wish to have on the page.

Gary Hyland Mural Dedication:

                               Jan Radwanski reported that the dedication was a great success with approximately 150 people in attendance and approximately 100 attending the social following. $965 was raised to donate to the Gary Hyland Bursary Fund. Terry Wallace has pictures that will be posted on the next iteration of the web-site.

                               A lively discussion followed regarding the next all-years reunion. Most members felt that a 55 year reunion was not a particularly good idea. However, some felt that if we piggyback a 2017 Reunion on the back of Canada’s 150th celebration in 2017, it may bring home many more individuals. This discussion was tabled to the next meeting.

The next meeting of RAA will be held in May/June of 2013, perhaps at the home of Jan Radwanski.

Bob Symenuk adjourned the meeting.