November/December e-Conference
Due to the wide variety of activities of the Board of Directors, we find it difficult to schedule a meeting where all can attend. Consequently, we have enabled an e-conferencing sytem that will allow us to deal with issues without a face-to-face meeting. We will still meet face-to-face at least twice per yer.
President, Bob Symenuk, received a request in November from the Cosmetology Department at Riverview. The school was requesting some funding to enable their Cosmetology students to participate in the Skills Canada Competition.
Their department has received some funding from both Peacock and Central as they have students in attendance. Centrral and Peacock have budgeted funds to assist. RVCI did not budget for this expense this year.
The Cosmetolgy students need approximately $1200 to participate, which will include the purchase of mannequins and production of tool kits for the competition. It is expected that this is a one-time expense.
Moved, Robert Symenuk, Seconded, Vic Bruce; that the Riverview Alumni Association assist the Riverview Collegiate Cosmetology class with a donation of $500.  Carried
Two notes:
There was some discussion about formulation of policy and guidelines regarding any support that we will provide. The Board has agreed to deal with this issue in the very near future.
We do have more than sufficient funds to cover this expenditure.
                                                                  Terrrence Wallace, Secretary