Riverview Alumni Association Minutes

2013 – 06 – 04

1.            In attendance: Symenuk, Bob; Symenuk, Linda; Bruce, Vic; Patterson, George; Mitchell, Jaye;   Wallace, Terry. Regrets: Seabrook, Karen; Timoruski, Sheila; Mitchell, Don

2.            Adoption of agenda:     Moved: Bruce, Vic           Seconded: Symenuk, Linda        Carried

3.            Adoption of minutes from 2013-01-29:   Moved; Symenuk, Linda                              Seconded: Mitchell,        Jaye               Carried

4.            Business arising from the minutes:

               a)            Website – advertising and site meter

                               Terry reported that the website is operating well. Advertising has paid for the website                                 for an additional year, approximately $220. The site meter is reporting regular hits and                                         is free. Some cosmetic changes will be made to the site in the near future.

               b)            Investments

                               No report as Karen was unable to attend.

               c)            Alumni Association sign for RVCI office

                               Terry will try to get this looked after before the end of June.

               d)            Information on the Gary Hyland Endowment Fund will be on the website at the next                                    iteration.

5.           New business:

                a)           Financial Report

                               No report; year-end is July 31 so statement will be provided at next meeting

               b)            Website front page

                               Leave the front page as is with the advertising.

               c)            South Hill Community Association

The SHCA has not transmitted any information to be posted on the website. Terry will investigate if we should bother to maintain that link.  If not, it will be removed.  Bob volunteered to try to find out contact name and email address.

               d)            Board of Directors and Non-Profit Registration

George Patterson will attend to the Non-profit Corporation details for the 2013-14 fiscal year.  Jan Radwanski has resigned from the Board. All other members of the Board have been reaffirmed. The date of the annual meeting will be in the early fall.

               e)            RVCI Grad

                               Vic Bruce will be speaking at the 2013 graduation. He asked for input from the Board. He                             will bring greetings from the Association as well as mentioning the website and the                                               ability to maintain contact through the website. He will also discuss the Cosmetology                                          Skills Canada program to which we donated some funds for support.

               f)             Cosmetology Skills Canada

Bob is awaiting more feedback from Jeff Boulton regarding the Skills Competition results.

               g)            Temple Gardens Reunion

This will be held on the Labour Day weekend in 2014. The organizers are seeking assistance in spreading the word.  We will use the website to disseminate information about this event through some information and some links. Terry will attend to the details, including Facebook and Twitter.

               h)            Future meeting dates

                               A discussion ensued about how frequently we should meet. General consensus was to                                               maintain this at twice per year (spring and fall) at the call of the President.

6.            Other topics

               a)            Next RVCI all-year reunion

                               Some discussion was entertained as to whether we should tag this reunion to Canada’s                                               celebration in 2017, or whether we should schedule the next one (60th) for 2019.                                             Further discussion will take place at future meetings.

7.            Next meeting

                               To be determined at the call of the President – late September or early October.

8.            Bob moved the meeting adjourned at 8:24