Minutes       Riverview Alumni Association            January 29, 2013

In attendance:           Symenuk, Bob; Symenuk, Linda; Seabrook, Karen; Timoruski, Sheila; Bruce, Vic; Wallace, Terry

Regrets:          Mitchell, Don; Olafson, Vicki; Radwanski, Jan; Hartley, Jan; Patterson, George; Mitchell, Jaye

Old Business:

Adoption of minutes from September, 2012. Moved, Vic Bruce; Second, Linda Symenuk. Carried.

Adoption/changes to e-conference minutes of Nov/Dec 2012. $500 cheque delivered to Jeff Boulton, Coordinator of Skills Canada. Moved: Linda Symenuk; Second, Sheila Timoruski. Carried.

New Business:

1.           Who Votes?

Significant discussion took place about how to constitute a quorum.

Moved: Vic Bruce; Second, Karen Seabrook; That a quorum shall be constituted by a majority which will be at least 5 of 8 members of the Board of Directors. Carried.

Moved: Terry Wallace; Second, Sheila Timoruski; That electronic voting shall be permitted to constitute a quorum. Carried.

2.           Alumni Fund Investment?

As of January 13, 2013, the Riverview Alumni Association has $12112.09 in the savings account. Options were discussed regarding possible investments of some portion of these funds. Moved: Linda Symenuk; Second, Vic Bruce; That we invest $8000 in a two-year GIC at the Bank of Montreal. Carried.

3.            Donations guide.

Moved: Terry Wallace; That we  attempt to elicit funds from our Alumni members. Tabled.

Moved: Bob Symenuk; Second: Karen Seabrook; That the Riverview Alumni Association would consider written requests from past or present staff or students for financial support for projects. Carried.