Riverview Alumni Association


April 30, 2014

1.         Welcome new members and note those in attendance

            In attendance: Symenuk, Bob; Booth, MaryLee; Timoruski, Sheila; Mitchell, Don; Wilson, Bev;                    Wallace, Terry; Mitchell, Jaye

            Regrets: Symenuk, Linda; Bruce, Vic; Patterson, George          

2.        Adoption of Agenda             Moved: Mitchell, Don           Seconded: Booth, MaryLee That     the agenda be accepted as presented. Carried.

3.        a.         Adoption of the minutes of October 1, 2013 meeting

                       Moved: Timoruski,Sheila     Seconded:     Wallace, Terry          That the minutes be                         adopted as read. Carried.

            b.        Adoption of the minutes of November 15, 2013 e-meeting

                       Moved: Mitchell, Jaye           Seconded: Mitchell, Don     That the minutes be adopted as                             read. Carried.

4.         Business arising from the minutes

           a.         Bev Wilson was appointed new treasurer following the decision of  the e-meeting of                                    November 15, 2013

            b.        Karen Seabrook memorial donation

$100 was donated on Karen’s behalf to the Children’s Ward, Moose Jaw Union Hospital.

           c.         Alumni Association sign for RVCI office

                       Terry Wallace talked to Kelly Grass about the RAA sign in RVCI’s office. We don’t know                  if anything has happened subsequently. Bob Symenuk will check when he is at the                           school and follow up with Kelly if necessary.

           d.         South Hill Community Association Contact – chairperson Crystal Froese.

                       Terry Wallace indicated that now we have a contact name and minutes, it is feasible to                               place the South Hill Community Association information on our website.

           e.         South Hill Local Area Planning Committee

                       Don Mitchell indicated that a final report may be available by the end of May. Bob                            Symenuk will attend the next meeting, if possible.

                       Downtown area planning may be coming in the near future as well.

           f.          RVCI 2013 Graduation – Vic

Vic Bruce is not available, but provided Bob Symenuk with a report. He indicated that a RAA presence (if invited) should continue, but that grads (current and past) are not sufficiently aware of RAA and our purpose.  A more visual presence is required for RAA at the school.  He indicated a need for more focus on South Hill items and activities.

            g.        Scholarships

                       Some discussion about scholarships followed but it was felt that we need more                                           background information. Bob Symenuk will coordinate the collation of this information                                for the next meeting.

            h.        Temple Gardens Reunion – Aug 29, 30, 31, 2014

                       Some discussion followed about this Reunion. Terry Wallace indicated that Temple                         Gardens Reunion information and/or links will go to our website ASAP. Tickets are                          available at John’s Music.

5.         New business

           a.         Financial Report

Bev Wilson submitted the financial report. We currently have $4,037.21 in our chequing account and $8,241.78 in investments at the Bank of Montreal. Bev indicated that some changes in banking fees and procedures may begin to drain a small amount of funds. Minimum balances of $5000 are required to avoid these fees. Bev will look into fees and procedures at other financial institutions.

                       Don Mitchell indicated his overall displeasure with the coming changes in the banking                                system, reflecting the views of others present at the meeting.

                       Moved: Wilson, Bev              Seconded: Mitchell, Jaye                That the financial report be             accepted as presented. Carried.

           b.         Website update and future status

                       Terry Wallace provided up-to-date information on the website. He will attempt to keep                                the site updated more frequently, perhaps once per month to keep things current. Terry                               suggested that we change the front page. He will forward several options to Board                           members to vote on the most popular choice. This will be done over the next several                                    days. Members also suggested that we request alumni to inform RAA about upcoming                               reunions. It was also suggested that any surplus monies from reunions be directed to                                  RAA to manage.

                       Moved: Mitchell, Jaye;          Seconded: Wilson, Bev – That Terry Wallace be authorized                             to pay the fee to maintain the website with reimbursement to come from RAA funds.                                   Carried.

                       Terry also reported that last year the advertising more than paid for the website. He has                              been unable to find a single sponsor for the site, so we are working with individual                           sponsors once again. At the time of this meeting there are 9 advertising positions                            available on our front page at a cost of $30 each for the year. At the time of this                                            meeting, 5 of these spaces have been sold, with a possible two additional spaces. If                                   anyone knows of anyone who would like to donate $30 for a space, they should contact                               Terry Wallace. Any cheques should be made payable to the Riverview Alumni                                               Association and forwarded to Terry Wallace, Box 613, Moose Jaw, SK, S6H 4P4.                           Receipts will be issued.

                       Terry also indicated that the site had a meter to count the visits.

           c.         Next RVCI all years reunion – 2017 (Canada Sesquicentennial) or 2019 (RVCI 60th                                /Diamond)

Following a great deal of discussion, consensus was reached that the next all years reunion should be the 60th in 2019. No survey of Alumni Association members will be required. However, Terry Wallace will e-mail all members in our database informing them of this decision and requesting that all planned reunions maintain contact with RAA. RAA will support the flow of information through our database and through our website. We will also suggest that any surplus dollars be directed to RAA for management.

           d.         South Hill Community Association Block Party – June 7, 2014

Bob Symenuk attends the meetings on behalf of RAA. Bob described a rough outline of events for the day:  pancake breakfast; bike parade; kids’ activities; Heritage tours; restaurant and business involvement.  Chillers will be hosting an evening event. Volunteers may be required and most Board members indicated that they would be available to help.

           e.         Directors and Directors-at-Large candidates – any candidates?

                       Bob Symenuk asked if anyone knew of others that may wish to serve on the RAA                             Board. Some discussion followed about duties and responsibilities.

                       Moved: Symenuk, Bob;        Seconded: Mitchell, Don      That MaryLee Booth be                                          appointed Director-at-Large. Carried.

6.         Other topics


7.         Next meeting

           Fall, likely early October, at the call of the chair.

8.         Adjournment

           Bob Symenuk moved adjournment.


Submitted to RAA for approval.

Terry Wallace, Secretary, RAA