4.            Seed Money.

Moved: Terry Wallace; Second, Linda Symenuk; That we provide seed money, with the approval of the Board of Directors, for any major, all-year Riverview Collegiate reunions. Carried.

 5.           Database.

We currently have about 5% of our Alumni updated in our database. Ensuing discussion suggested that we initially attempt to send a message to Facebook,  Twitter , and Classmates and ask people to visit our website and to send information to update the database. Karen Seabrook will post a message on Facebook regarding updating our database. Terry Wallace will check into Twitter and Classmates.

6.            Advertising

Any reasonable request for advertising will be granted.  Otherwise a decision by the Board of Directors.

We will bill for advertising in March. Terry and Karen will develop an appropriate invoice.

We will leave our current processes in place as to acquisition of advertising.

7.           Maiden names

It is preferred that our database contain maiden names of alumni for communication purposes.

8.           Website guidelines.

The website will post data from individual years for a short period of time, determined by available space on the website. This would include requests for reunions, newsletters, etc.

9.           Directors at Large

Moved: Vic Bruce; Second: Terry Wallace; That the Board of Directors may appoint a maximum of four Directors at Large, each with voting privileges. Carried.

 10.         Bob Symenuk adjourned the meeting.