Riverview Alumni Association


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

In attendance: Patterson, George: Bruce, Vic; Timoruski, Sheila; Symenuk, Bob; Wilson, Bev; Symenuk, Linda; Wallace, Terry; Mitchell, Jaye

Regrets: Mitchell, Don; Booth, MaryLee

1.        Adoption of Agenda

Moved: Patterson, George      Seconded: Timoruski, Sheila  Carried.

2.        Adoption of the minutes of April 30, 2014 meeting

Moved: Patterson, George      Seconded: Symenuk, Linda   Carried

3.         Business arising from the minutes

           a.         Alumni Association signage for RVCI office

Terry Wallace demonstrated possible graphics for our sign and indicated that Don Hand, RVCI Principal, would look after mounting the sign in an appropriate location, preferable the RVCI foyer. Approximate cost is $60.

Moved: Symenuk, Linda; Seconded: Bruce, Vic; That Terry instruct Klassen Graphics to produce the sign.       Carried

            b.        South Hill Community Association Block Party

Bob Symenuk reported. Terry Wallace indicated that pictures were now on the RAA website and demonstrated that SHCA now had website space. Further SHCA meetings are upcoming and will be posted on the website.

           c.         South Hill Local Area Planning Committee

Bob Symenuk reported that progress is being made and that the final report will be forthcoming along with the next meeting date. This will also be posted on our website.

           d.         Alumni Association Scholarships

Bob Symenuk and George Patterson reported. RVCI Spirit Award has about $6700 in principal, the 25th Reunion Scholarship has about $2000 in principal, and the 40th Reunion Scholarship has about $12000 in principal.  The interest is allocated to scholarships yearly.  The Prairie South Bursary committee controls disbursement of these funds, but may follow recommendations from RAA. Bob Symenuk will contact Ron Purdy regarding said amounts and their disbursement. Bob will report at a later date.

            e.        Next RVCI All Years Reunion 2019

RAA has indicated that Summer 2019 will be the date of the next All Years Reunion. Decision reached by consensus.

4.         New business

           a.         Financial Report