Riverview Alumni Association



Present:  Timoruski, Sheila; Patterson, George; Bruce, Vic; Wallace, Terry; Mitchell, Jaye; Symenuk, Linda; Symenuk, Bob; Wilson. Bev; Froese, Crystal;

Regrets:   Mitchell, Don; Booth, MaryLee

Adoption of Agenda

Moved:   Bruce, Vic         Seconded                  Symenuk,Linda       That the agenda be adopted as presented. Carried

Adoption of the minutes of October 21, 2014 meeting

Moved:    Mitchell, Jaye  Seconded:        Wilson, Bev     That the October 21, 2014 minutes be adopted as read. Carried

Business arising from the minutes

Alumni Association signage for RVCI office

Bob – The sign is prepared, but has not yet been installed. It will be located next to the Wall of Honour in the school lobby.

South Hill Local Area Planning Report

Crystal Froese/Bob Symenuk – Both reported that the Plan has been sent to the City to evaluate/carry through with the plan – it involves long, wide- range planning from housing to transportation and involving  Wakamow and Valleyview considerations.

Alumni Association Scholarships

Bob indicated that we have three scholarships in place. The 25th Alumni Scholarship has a base fund of $2831 with an annual scholarship of $80 (general proficiency). The 40th Alumni Scholarship has a base of $18,572 with an annual scholarship of $555 (general proficiency). The Spirit of Youth Scholarship has a base fund of $13,785 with an annual scholarship of $410 (at discretion of the Principal). A great deal of discussion centered around the $80 scholarship. We will look at options – eliminate, combine with others, or enhance base fund. This is to be decided at a future meeting. George Patterson will investigate the implications and report back. The School Division controls these funds, we advise. George indicated that our suggestions are usually followed.

School viability discussion.

Bob indicated, after discussion with Don Hand, current RVCI principal, that there is a feeling the school will be viable into the future, although on a lesser scale. The school will be dedicated to a lower profile with a comfortable, non-pressure environment.

Data base update – anti-spam, donations, receipts

Terry indicated that our database has about 550 names with e-mail addresses. Very few names are available from 2003 forward.

Vic suggested that someone from RAA should give at least a brief presentation at RVCI graduations to ask graduates to join the database.

Yearbooks, photo albums

All past RVCI yearbooks and photo albums are in Terry’s garage. We are missing three books from past years, but have the graduate photos for two of those years. These books would be made available for alumni events. Terry will arrange a date sometime this summer for Board members to have a look at the photo albums to determine what we should do with them.


Terry demonstrated the new PayPal account that has been established for RAA activities. He will be transferring approximately $1,000 to the RAA bank account within the next day or two.

New business

Crystal Froese, Chairperson of the South Hill Community Association, gave a brief presentation to the RAA  Board: She inquired about our role – at the moment work with reunions, scholarships, special projects, etc. The South Hill Community Association (SHCA) is affiliated with city – SHCA coordinates South Hill community events. She reported on the Local Area Improvement plan to increase SH community events, attract people south, focus on developing future plans. The Valleyview issue is also included. June 6 South of Bridge Day information was provided. She indicated some problems with the quality of the banners that had been installed and are now being replaced. SOB funding is OK. $800 was raised at the roast beef dinner fundraiser. SHCA is coordinating/raising capital funding for upcoming special projects.

Vic asked if 15 Wing was involved in SOB. It was suggested that it could be source for support and perhaps attract more to the event.

Several Board members volunteered to assist with the movement of tables and chairs for SOB. This would likely involve Friday, June 5 and Monday, June 8.

Financial Report

Bev Wilson presented the financial report. As of the date of the report, we currently have approximately $3,400 in our chequing account and approximately $8, 000 in our investment account.

Moved:   Wilson, Bev      Seconded:  Timoruski, Sheila That the financial report be accepted as presented. Carried


Website renewal fee

Terry indicated that he is going to enlarge the front page (Home Page) of our website to make more space for the advertising. Proofs will be forwarded for review prior to posting.

We recently acquired another advertiser, so all costs associated with the website will be covered by advertising revenue. The annual cost is approximately $225, which includes the website and all attached e-mail accounts (6).

Moved:    Wallace,Terry  Seconded:       Bruce, Vic         That Terry Wallace pay for continuation of the website and to be reimbursed when completed.  Carried

Yearbook Sale Expenses

Some minimal expenses were incurred in obtaining mailing envelopes and paying for postage for delivery of two yearbooks that were purchased on-line.

Moved:    Wallace, Terry Seconded:       Patterson, George   That Terry Wallace be reimbursed for expenses incurred (approximately $35).         CARRIED

Financial Committee

George Patterson will look into our non-profit status regarding how we should deal with funds in our accounts. He will report back at a later time.

South of the Bridge Day – June 6, 2015

Terry, Vic, Bob will assist on Friday and Monday with the movement of chairs and tables as the School Division has indicated some hesitancy on moving these items. Others said they would be available as well, if needed.

RVCI update – enrollments, building utilization

Bob  reported that the school is moving toward a quieter environment, seems to be past closure issues. There are 126 current (19 special ed students), limited enrolment at Grade 9 which leads to a total school projected of 115.

The School Board has moved into a significant amount of space in the school.

The Bulldog Post has received the Provincial Award for best newspaper

Check link with James

Bob indicated that donations needed for musical productions, bands, improvisation, plays, musical (in-house). Bob will contact the principal regarding the process of requesting funds from RAA.

Other topics


Next meeting

Fall 2015 – at call of chair


Mitchell, Jaye – 8:45