Riverview Alumni Association



Tuesday, November 17, 2015

7:00 p.m. 1111 Athabasca St. West


In Attendance:       Timoruski, Sheila; Booth, MaryLee; Wallace, Terry; Symenuk, Linda; Symenuk, Bob; Mitchell, Jaye;             


Regrets:   Bruce, Vic; Patterson, George; Mitchell, Don


1.             Adoption of Agenda

Moved:  Mitchell,Jaye         Seconded:  Symenuk,Linda             That the Agenda be adopted as read.                            Carried


2.              Adoption of the minutes of April 30, 2015 meeting

Moved:  Timoruski, Sheila                Seconded:  Mitchell,Jaye   That the Minutes be adopted as read.            Carried


3.              Business arising from the minutes

a.            Alumni Association signage for RVCI office are we there yet?

The sign is not yet in place. Don Hand will keep asking Kelly Grass about this. Terry and Bob will keep checking on the status.

b.            Alumni Association Scholarships combination of 25th and 40th amounts.

The 25th and 40th Anniversary scholarships have been combined into a single award total $635. The Spirit of Youth Award is $410.

c.              Data base update any new additions?

Terry reported that since last April we have 14 new subscribers for the database. We need to examine a more vigorous approach to extend this, new graduates in particular. Perhaps someone can post something on Facebook or LinkedIn? Could RVCI assist with this? Terry will forward information to MaryLee for posting on Facebook in a share capacity in an attempt to attract new subscribers.

d.              South of the Bridge Day (SOB) follow-up and future directions

Bob reported. The event in June worked out well. RAA managed transportation, setting up and taking down of chairs and tables. Discussion centered on the possibility that SHCA (South Hill Community Association) may commit to Moose Jawg and that it may become part of SOB. Crystal Froese will keep us informed.


4.             Financial Committee Report

a.              Non-profit status and donations to RAA

George commented that unless specified by the donor the funds can be used as the Association wishes in accordance with any articles or bylaws in our organizational documentation.  We need to find the guidelines for disbursement of funds. Bev will check. Terry will check. George to check at office. The Board will examine the status of funds as this information is retrieved. All documentation has been submitted to the Ministry of Justice as per requirements.

[Note from Terry Wallace: Upon review of the requirements for non-profit organizations, we are currently operating within the parameters established by the Canada Revenue Agency.]


5.             New business

a.              Financial Report

                 Bev reported. The Class of 62 donated excess funds from a reunion held this past summer. John Spice donated $1000 and Ian Hawey donated $35, each requesting a past yearbook. As of November 17, 2016, RAA has $4,587.84 in the chequing account and $8,241.78 in the investment account. These amounts will be affected by decisions made below.

                 Moved:  Mitchell, Jaye        Second:  Booth, MaryLee  That the financial report be accepted as presented.                Carried

b.             RVCI chair request

Moved:  Mitchell,Jaye         Second:  Timoruski, Sheila                              That RAA donate $1000 toward the purchase of sideline chairs for the gymnasium at RVCI as per the Athletic Improvement Project information received from RVCI.          Carried

                  c.            Class of 62 donation

Thank you to the class of 62 who donated $430 excess funds raised at their reunion this past summer. A receipt has been issued.

d.              Website updates

Terry is still working on new front page. A sample will be forwarded to all RAA Board members when it is complete. Terry will try to complete this within the next few weeks.

e.              Website billing for advertising

Terry will invoice the advertisers once the front page redevelopment has been completed and the website completely updated. The advertising income will provide most of the cost for the annual maintenance of the website.

Other topics

a.             Investment accounts.

Moved:  Booth, MaryLee    Second:   Wilson, Bev     That $2000 be transferred from chequing to a GIC investment account.            Carried

b.             Summer Reunion for Class of 76

                 Sheila indicated that class of 76 is planning for a mini-reunion on June 25, 2016.

Next meeting

                 The next meeting will be in the Spring at the call of the Chair.



                 Bev Wilson moved adjournment at 7:58 PM.