Request for an  RVCI Yearbook
The table below indicates the RVCI yearbooks that are available by request. These books are new as they have never been distributed. The Riverview Alumni Association would like to have these books in the hands of former students. They would be great for yourself or as gifts.
We do not charge for the books. However, the cost of mailing is between $15 and $20. This does not include related costs.
Consequently, we are requesting a minimum  donation of $25 per book requested. Excess dollars will be placed in our scholarship funds.
The table below will be updated weekly once this information is released. Fist come, first served. Instructions are provided below.
Last Updated: 2014-11-10 
 Yearbook Year
Number Available 
Yearbook Year 
Number Available 
How do I get a Yearbook?
Step 1
If a book is currently available in the above list, then Click on the request button below. In the body of the text include the year requested, your name (maiden name if applicable), and your graduation year. Click "SEND'.
Step 2
There are two possibilities:
You will receive an e-mail indicating that the book is no longer available.
You will receive an e-mail with an order form attached.