Riverview Collegiate Institute
Riverview Collegiate Institute (RVCI) opened her doors in September of 1959. The purpose for a new school at that time was to provide an educational environment for highschool students from South Hill, Bushell Park (the Canadian Forces Base), and for rural students.
REX, our mascot, was adopted some time later.
The layout of the building has not changed, although many former classrooms are now office space.. For those who have not been to the school for a number of years, some photos are provided below.
riverviewalumninew003011.jpg riverviewalumninew003010.jpg riverviewalumninew003009.jpg riverviewalumninew003008.jpg riverviewalumninew003007.jpg riverviewalumninew003006.jpg riverviewalumninew003005.jpg riverviewalumninew003004.jpg riverviewalumninew003003.jpg riverviewalumninew003002.jpg