RAA Board of Directors
The following Board of Directors was elected/reaffirmed at the November 04, 2020 meeting of the Riverview Alumni Association. The Board normally meets at least once per year. Other meetings may be conducted by e-mail or ZOOM.
For privacy concerns, no specific contact information has been provided such as telephone numbers and e-mail addresses.  If you wish to contact anyone on the Board of RAA, please send communications  through the web-site manager.
Website Manager
Robert Symenuk                       President/Director
Bev Wilson                                Treasurer/Director
Terrence Wallace                      Secretary/Director
Vic Bruce                                    Vice-President/Director
Sheila Timoruski                        Director
Jaye Mitchell                              Director
Linda Symenuk                          Director
Darlene Guy                               Director
Kara Barclay                               Director