Gary Hyland Endowment Fund
The Gary Hyland Endowment Fund is a joint project of the Saskatchewan Writers' Guild and the South Saskatchewan Community Foundation and was developed in conjunction with Gary's wishes.
The fund is managed by the South Saskatchewan Community Foundation.
1940 - 2011
This fund has two purposes.
First, it will provide funding  for the Gary Hyland Literary Endowment, which will annually award a grant to a Saskatchewan writer over the age of nineteen who shows promise but has not published a book.
Second, the Fund will provide assistance to others afflicted with ALS by providing expensive respiratory and other equipment which will help those with ALS  to remain active and productive for a much longer time than many now do.
We hope that you will consider giving generously to the Fund, just as Gary has given so generously of himself to so many others.
For more information, and to donate, contact the South Saskatchewan Community Foundation by clicking on the following link.
South Saskatchewan Community Foundation