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before completing the registration process.
All venues are listed under Program.
$100 per person (adults only)  February 01 - May 31
$150 per person (adults only)   June 01 - July 31
$25 non-refundable deposit included in fee
No refunds or registrations after July 31
Maximum 800 registrants. We will limit registration once we reach 750 to control numbers. When we reach 800, we will start a waiting list. Details will follow, if necessary.
Where it says Grad Year on the form, alumni should state their grad year or the year they would have graduated from RVCI. Others should enter Staff or Guest. Alumni will be added to our database (Name, e-mail, and grad year only). Guests will not be added to the database. Alumni have the option of unsubscribing at any time following the Reunion.
Receipts will be issued upon deposit of fees. We are not a charitable organization, but we are non-profit. Receipts could be used to claim some expenses. Receipt is confirmation of registration.
Cheque/Bank Order - Payable to RVCI 60 and sent to the address accessed by the Contact link below.
Interac e-Transfer - This is preferred. Send us the registration fee through your on-line banking to rvci60@sasktel.net. Security question - What is the event? Answer is: RVCI60
PayPal - Most costly. Send to rvci60@sasktel.net.
We will figure out something. Contact us by e-mail or telephone and we will assist in your registration process.
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Do not try to complete the registration from inside the browser. The results are not usually satisfactory without the proper software. The blank form needs to be saved to your computer. Use the SaveAs feature. Do not try any of the options below until you have downloaded the form. If you can't download the form, send an e-mail to rvci60@sasktel.net requesting a form. One will be sent by return mail.
The registration form link is below.
With such a wide variety of computer platforms available, it is difficult to have something working for everything. The registration form is in Adobe PDF format. If your browser will not see the form, try a different browser or request a form by e-mail: rvci60@sasktel.net.
Although most PDF viewers will read the form, it is only fully functional if you use Adobe Reader or equivalent. The Reader is free for download at https://get.adobe.com/reader/
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