60th Directory
Executive Committee:
Mary Lee Booth, Co-Chair
Deb Mayson, Co-Chair
Darlene Guy, Secretary
Terry Wallace, Treasurer/IT
Finance Committee
George Patterson, Chair
Terry Wallace.
Registration/IT Committee
Terry Wallace, Chair
Greg Wallace
Ev McCormack
Carol Wallace
Program, Entertainment, Decorations, SetUp/Cleanup Committee
Darlene Young, Chair
Deb Mayson
Kathy Harder
Jackie Funk
Ev McCormack
Barb McKechnie
Security Committee
Bob Symenuk , Chair 
Social Committee
Kara Barclay, Chair
Transportation Committee
Travis Adamache, Chair
Accommodations Committee
Sheila Timoruski, Chair
Hosting, Hospitality Committee
Not Required
Memory, Yearbook, Photo, Video Committee 
Wendy Polley, Chair
Volunteer Committee
Many thanks to those who have volunteered to organize this event.